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Highlander Links

~*~Highlander Links~*~

There are many wonderful Highlander pages out there that deserve many visits, so please, do check these sites out. If there is a dead link, please let me know. If I haven't listed a site that should be here, again, please let me know. More than likely, I never had the chance of visiting the site, or have and just forgot to write down the URL address. I am always looking for good Highlander sites.

The Sanctum of Vile Duncan MacLeod
Kath's Highlander Magazine
PEACE/Adrian Paul Fan Club Website
Sci-Fi Networks Highlander Site
The Methos Harem Tent
Mostly Methos Image Gallery
Jim Byrnes Appreciation Place
The Richie Lovers Drool Page
The RICHIE Galleries
The Connor MacLeod Homepage
Pookah's Highlander Page
Daire's Laire
Stan Kirsch's Official Site

The graphics on this page were specially made for me by Daire and not to be copied and used elsewhere!