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Welcome to my forever changing Highlander Page. I have Highlander Galleries, a few really terrific groups, fan fic groups, and Highlander Art. I will be adding more, I am sure. I hope you enjoy what you see and visit often!

Highlander Groups

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If you like a place where you can view different pics from the people of Highlander, talk about Highlander, or anything to do with Highlander, you can join any of the Highlander lists. So whether you love Duncan, Connor, Darius, Kronos, etc. Come on and join!

Join MacLeods4ever
This group is for those of us who are crazy about the MacLeods. If you adore Connor or Duncan - or both - you will fit right in. Pictures, discussions, and fan fic can be shared.

Join Duncan's Loft
What's going on in Seacouver? Why not join Duncan's Loft and find out!

Realm of Rogues Flag Wavers
Do you like the bad boys of Highlander? Do you like other immortal bad guys? Check us out!

My Special Warrior
Check here if you are interested in Warriors and Barbarians!

The Immie Haven!!
This is a safe Haven for all the immortals and their loves. A total fan fiction site! Highlander immortals and other types of immortals welcome. . . The Haven is on Holy Ground! :)

And another immortal friendly place!

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MIK Clique!

Disclaimers: The characters and concept of Highlander are owned and operated by Panzer/Davis Productions, Gaumont, Rysher and the characters are portrayed by some of the most talented actors out there. The pictures of these fine actors and the characters they portray are used here for entertainment purposes only as well as the viewing pleasure. No copyright infringement is intended, I gained most photos with permission from those who took the screen caps, the others were sent by friends or scanned by me. From there, I framed them and touched them up. I make no money for these pictures or my website, and the pics are for entertainment purposes only, in dedication to the Characters of Highlander. However, the collages/montages are made by Tracy Cruze and permission is required for use of the actual works of art from the artist herself (yes, that is me. I do work very hard on those).

The graphics on this page were specially made for me by Daire and not to be copied and used elsewhere!